CSI Group is a global independent consulting firm includes various consultants and technical specialists who are offering a broad range of professional services which includes ISO Certification Consulting Services, Information Security Services, Business Process Improvement Consulting Services, CMMI Consulting and QA Outsourcing Services as a core but our systems are designed to go beyond this which includes accredited trainings from international bodies to generate value add in our customer's business and through our work, we make a positive difference in their business processes.

We work with you thoroughly at the each stage of project and our single most important motivation is doing the right thing at the right time for you. We listen first and start doing the proactive things to nurture long-standing relationships with you.

Our sector specific energetic and talented consultants bring the right skillsets and expertise to every task assigned which shows our work is smart, actionable, and we get things done fast. We help organizations to build effective management systems with strong internal business processes required to sustain innovation and profit.



Our values are part of our DNA.

They guide the way we work with our business partners and with each other. Through teamwork, service excellence, quality assurance, people commitment and a focus on success, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.


Teamwork is invaluable at CSI Group. Every employee has an important role to play and by working together, both within and across departments, we can pool our knowledge to improve services for our customers. Our co-operative attitude extends to our customers; we understand that it is essential to work as a team to achieve the desired results.


Our clients are at the heart of business. We put great efforts into understanding customer and responding to their needs. Customer drive every decision that we make as a business; we offer consulting services and related things that deliver proven value to you. We work dynamically not only to attract new clients but also to earn and retain the loyalty of our existing clients.


  • We know that our people are our biggest asset so we take every opportunity to invest in them. Our culture is one in which talent is nurtured and achievements rewarded; this is the only way we can create and maintain the best team possible.


    We strive for continual quality improvement, for the services that are better, more efficient and increasingly fit-for-purpose. At CSI, quality does not just mean meeting basic requirements but consistently exceeding your expectations in all aspects of our business.



CSI Group is constantly building collaborative partnerships with leading global organizations around the world to provide an opportunity to engage with their consulting projects. We talk to our partners about their customer’s requirements and develop business solutions that fulfill customer’s requirements and sometime exceed the customer’s expectations. We've gained affiliation from International Quality Federation (IQF), USA and the partnerships with Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), Canada.

With large amount of consultants in many domains and we’re ready to become your delivery consultants so if you want to make a partnership with us, Click here.